21st century Love!

We feel suprised to know our parents had relationship in past and they did love marriage! Even I was suprised to know it. I mean how could they but I am the same person who won’t be suprised knowing my brother who reads in standard 7 will have girlfriend very soon. I am also the same person who feels bad for the breakup of my friend but I take it lightly deep inside i feel love and breakup are common these days ! Searching someone who is a teenager and  also single (never ever been in relationship) is as searching brahmans who dont eat onion and garlic. Yes i dont mean they dont exist but are very rare and many of those rare person are away from internet . 

Let me site an intresting code * love these days is chat*. Lets discuss about my relationship . We go for lunch outside as soon as the food comes i dont enjoy eating it hot or warm i need to take perfect shot for instagram and facebook and i will try taking photo graphs as many times without caring for food if it gets cold or even my partner,worst part here is partner also wants the shot for instagram. Same is the situation for going somewhere with him or if he gifts me something i prefer hash tag gift hast tag love hash tag thank you in instagram rather than saying him thank you ! 

Even research shows many of the social media user have missed the important functions trying to get perfect shot or tweet to post in social media. We prefer writing a long eassy about mothers day fathers day rather thn wishing them! and if we wish them we are again dying to take perfect shot for social media.  Our love for parents can be shown in social media ?

Are you going away from truth and being driven by social media ? You needn’t need to post everything in it! Or this is the another way of making slave ! Remember slavery this way is dangerous !

Until next post 

Love! Love ! Love



Author: highnesspooja


5 thoughts on “21st century Love!”

  1. First of all, pls make the spelling current(Typing mistake) in “Online and Garlic”…its onion.
    I must admit that now a days social media is really controlling our thoughts a lot, even sometime who does not have account in Fb or twitter is marked as “Back Dated”.

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  2. I can feel what you are saying I have been through there. Oh well, I used to have accounts on almost every popular social sites, and still now I have two and in one I still talk like in hell and in another I listen silently.


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