Speak Up!!!!

I was just 13 when one of my  teacher rubbed my back .I didn’t feel good at all. I didn’t speak as I thought it was just a student-teacher interaction .I never knew about good touch or bad touch. I heard some of my senior complained about such activity of teacher ended up being suspended from school for a month . Rita one of my friend who had not even completed Sarita started to claim she had worst experience infornt of which this was nothing…..She spoke in a serious tone…My brother used to touch my private parts kiss me every single night he found me alone in room. I could never share this to anyone as I had a secret of having boyfriend of other caste. He blackmailed me  for making my secret no more a secret if I uttered a word about him or his activity. I could speak because my parents would have sent me to hostel or seized all my communication tools that I used to connect with him …… Sarita’s experience showed she had much more to say but she was interrupted by one of our lady teacher . She was the senior lady teacher of our University who shared she was forced to have sex with her husband even in her periods if she denied he would beat her . She never raised her voice as she was taught by her mother “Husband is God and he is never wrong”

There was que of other girls to share there story on how they were victims of Gender Based Violence . Were you suprised to know all those stories? if you ask me I wasn’t . This has become part of our life . One of three girls in world is victim of Gender Based Violence. I don’t deny the fact that Gender Based Violence is bad but it is even worst when the victimizer is not a stranger …….

Something that freaks me is most of the Violence occur at home or our school or college. We are not safe from the people whom we trust ,respect and believe. I feel misfortune enough to say “let’s make our home safe from gender Based Violence ; let’s protect us and our dear ones from home first”

Say no to any kind of Violence

Say no to gender Based Violence

Say no to gender Based Violence anywhere 

Let’s speak us ! Let’s protect us and other


Until next time 

Stranger 💞


Author: highnesspooja


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