Too much of light yet so dark

Laxmi Pooja

The day when houses are decked with flower, lights, diyos and rangolis. What I feel is from poor to rich everyone spends money to decorate the house in every possible way from their estimated amount with the hope of making “goddess of wealth” happy and enter their house and make them richer, happier and satisfied. I was lost in my thoughts thinking how selfish people are they expect6 so much from by just decorating their house and worshipping her for one day. Someone shrieked on my ears “bhau” and my thoughts were out of my mind like migrating birds being out of sight.

Oh! I forgot to tell you he was my brother as always disturbing me for no reason. We had a good talk about our family and we went to watch television. I made tea for us and again started the talk about each other career. He shifted from sofa to bed where I was sitting and as our ritual we deed “cheers” to our tea. Suddenly, he took the tea cup from my hand and kept in table and I could notice he had kept his cup already there. I murmured I don’t like cold tea, let me drink. As always I was never listened. He pulled me a little closer, kept his hand on my shoulder and whispered “I will show you your sister-in-law’s picture“. Though I did not feel very good about his touch, I ignored it as I was excited to see the photo.

The sentence he uttered “she is hot” I did not really like it yet decided to keep quiet and look other picture of her. Suddenly, I could feel my brother’s hand over my upper private part. I was helpless and scared if it was by mistake or intentional. I ignored it for first time. After few seconds I could feel his hand on my skin and that made me so uneasy that I kept his hand in bed. I was about to stand up he grabbed my waist and said “you are no less”; I could not spare myself from him he grabbed my chest and was about to kiss. I used my hands and threw tea all over him. His hands were busy cleaning tea from his body. I took the chance and went to next room bolting the door. Since the time I cried madly everyday as I had committed the sin or that it was completely my fault as the most freaking part is he kept on knocking the door and shouting” your curvy body, big boobs and your way of wearing clothes made me do all those, you were enjoying it” . I did not expect anyone to understand. I decides it to keep it my secret as I was afraid of being misunderstood or be blamed for his behaviour. Silence …silence

 Three years later I could see him getting closer to my sister. I was afraid still colIected guts and shared everything with her. After a silence of 5 minutes she replied “he is favourite of everyone in family. He never did anything to me. I don’t understand why are you telling me this fake story,any problem with him?”

Isn’t it a common story these days? Sexual harassment, marital rape or any kind of gender based violence is very common these days and has been part of our life. Many of us are victims of it. Despite the fact it is wrong we know we need to raise voice against it either we ignore it or choose to remain silent. Whatever the reason is our fear, our prestige, our family or what so ever … … Your or my choice of not speaking up has motivated the abuser to make the other person victim of it. Want to be motivator? If not please speak-up, take action. It’s never your mistake nor have you done anything wrong. Say no to any kind of violence. “Say no to gender based violence”

Speak up! Let him or her not dare again….

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Author: highnesspooja


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