Love …?

Baby our room is too messy why dont you adrone room with curtains ! Please I am working . Mange the room aswell said my honey.
I was about to drape with curtains the view I saw was worth watching in full moon night with no other light. There was no noise in the city of noise ; no children playing nor any vechile moving just a couple not of man but of dog making love like none is watching ! Like thats their time of being one ! Like man eating food after 15 days of hunger so passionate so much of emotion could be seen ! You may see the lust in it but the way dog was biting its partner you could see how carefully it was doing !
I had question to myself  *what is love *oh love …. seems to be easy right I felt the same at first instance then I had no answer ..I asked again and again what love !
I remembered  I love momo (South asian food) I love momo because it helps me not to feel hungry ! Yes even other food do that so do I love all food no I love momo because it is makes me happy like no other.
So making happy  love ?

Then I saw baby working there I love him ! Why I love him ! I love him because he makes me feel good when I am feeling low .He cares about me . He is really supportive . He sees me beautiful even in worn and torn clothes or messy hair .
Yes overall he makes me feel the best in the world
So making some feel best is love ?

I remembered mother ; sister ; brother ; dad (family) yes baby is family but they are with me from my birth or their birth !
I love them because they care for me they help me always or I can rely on them for anything.
In short I love them because they dont selfish when it comes to me
So not being selfish is love?

I even love myself .I love myself because only after my existence other things will matter . As an empty bottle cant pour anything I cant spread love if I dont lovemyself.
In other words I love myself to make other things matter
So doing anything to make other things matter is love ?

I saw my pet comming to my room I love it aswell . I love my house aswell because all these have feeling of belongliness .

I love books from my favourite author because it makes me feel good when I read them .
So feeling good is love .

I love this .
I love that.
So thats love ?
Isnt it vauge like the universe ! To me it is ! I couldnt even make single custom definition of love like many of people do make ! Love is actually too complex in its meaning beyond our imaginations . Seems to be very easy at the begining and again so complex to explain when we try to find its meaning . Probably thats the reason *I love you * is very common breakup is very normal mostly for teenagers ! May be they be in relationship thinking like me love is too easy  and find it most difficult even difficult than remembering articles of different treaties or passing the finals of CA but its not impossible as we can see the examples of love within us ! Around us and beyond us !

I love my readers as wells 🙂 ♥