Untill next time ♥


Sushma ! This name may be a normal name with for you  or the word with its meaning. And to those who dont know its meaning readers its your job do search it .But when it comes to me the name itself is the synonymous word to friendship.
Lets read a story of mine no of ours . The story of Sushma and  Pooja . I dont like to give the term best friend to us not even the non biological sister these terms are too maon stream these days ! But our friendship is not among those.
You are actually the friend I will remember when I am in problem or I am very happy .We have got the ugliest fight bt the craziest part is we could never deny the fact that we were too dependent on eachother . From not letting eachother talk with the boy we didnt like to taking revenge with back biters we have done all. From doing homework  sitting in first bench to gossiping in last bench or doing others attendence ! Quite interesting quite naughty we be when we both be together !
I never had many friend nor  I will bt among small number of friends you are among the special one …hahahaha eveyone is special because I have only half a dozen of friends… hahahahaa !
Eating too much of food  and sharing the same plate or anything or taking those things with eachothers permissions or shouting or getting jealous seeing others being close to other ….I cherish every moments with you Sushmey. Dushmey!
You have always been there for me hope when you read for CA dont let  those crapy things called books or other person you reside take my place . I know none can because I love me and I am the best ♥
Despite the fact that I will feel lonly you or some part of me would be missing I am very happy for you more than you aswell ♥ I wont wish anything but the best of all the luck and all the wishes of the world you stay happy and be CA (without getting any back)
With love


Author: highnesspooja


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