I want us to kiss everytime like the first time

Congratulations ! We made it this year aswell. Four years have been mixture of  happiness and sadness probably twin flavoured . How will a person feel when he or she realises  s/he do have* the only gem found in entire world * you are that gem to me ! Every time I say I love you , you dont even let me complete the line and  kiss me wrapping your hands around my waist. You bring me that close to you that you were never of yourselves . The gravity of attraction between you and me is much than the attraction of north amd south magnetic pole ♥
Yes, I love you ; I love the way you kiss me in the middle of the conversation in middle of the road or anything ! But the only thing I miss between us is the pressure ; tension we had when we met for the first time .I miss being  touched unknowingly by you and then staring at you like I had current attack of high volt . I miss the gesture of mixed emotions of shy and curiosity about how it feels touching the most wanted person of my life . The person with whom i have imagined thousand of fantacies and dreamed of living  life together.
That day you grabed my hair pulled me against your face I could even feel your breathe I thought you would kiss me .I was happy you made the first move I was so excited ; yes I was nervous aswell . It didnot take me a second to think I wish I had used mouth fresher I wish I brushed for  longer time ….while I was busy with all this I was distracted with your daamhot voice which said
*Gajalu, I love you!*
Now I didnot know how to react I freed myself . Although I was happy to listen I love you from you, I would have been happier to get our first kiss in french style ! I wanted to hide that disappointed look and tried to fake a smile I could not . It was clearly visible in my face . Now the nervousness  arised I was scared about your thinking towards me . She wants kisses . .. what you might of thought …..didnot you want to kiss me like other boyfriend do to their girlfriend. Again your voice brought me to real world beside you *see they are kissing eachother*
Me: every couple kiss
You: why not us ?
Me :(I could barely see him .I looked towards the couple not being able to see him .)
(had turned all red ; I was shivering a bit .) I dont know
He : Gajalu its fine if you are not comfortable
Me: (within myself I want you to kiss me why are you not kissing me common take a move ) *no reaction*
We didnot even had guts to talk ! The want of being kissed was driving me crazy
I pulled his jacket crossed my hands around  his shoulders he was shocked probably .we could feel eacothers lips ! Our lips touching eachothers lips for the first time ! Slowly you kissed my lips again and again . How wont I ; I had never been second in anything ! We had the sense of love and competition  between us who will kiss eachother more ! Suddenly I couldnot kiss his lips ( tasty one ) because his and my tongues were playing …………..we could taste eachother ……We were so much into eachother .kissing eachother like we wont have next day for that ! And we stopped  I realised I had had my eyes closed ! We could not talk simply stared at eachother ! We were shy we were happy we wanted it more … we simply read eachothers face with so many emotions ! The tension we had of being liked or not how my breathe was ; wish of using the mouth fresher ; brushing for longer time  . Eachothers reaction ! !!!!!!!!! ! And your words *you are a good kisser*
Today tommorrow or anyday I want us to kiss like we did that day with shy….. curiosity…. love ….. nervousness…… ….sexual tension …..many more..like a stranger who dont know how eachother  taste .



Author: highnesspooja


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