Next time never comes …

please I need you ,be with me,I said with every possible ways . He was busy like the roads of kathmandu.No he was not the job holder nor he did too much of stuffs in home. he was average student with pending homeworks and  limited pocket money.

How do student treat to study…the same he did to me . Students study when they have exams or nothing else to do . Exactly like he was with me when he had nothing to do or friendless or lonly.

Every time I wanted the support or someone to hold me encourage me motivate me or make me feel I needed the faith he was not there .Many times I complained ;cried,shouted,did every single creepy things but as always  he blamed situation , bad time !

Cheers! I was not alone in any problem . I had hope  with me every time  he gave*to be with me from next time*. I know now next time never comes;something that comes is *this time * 


Author: highnesspooja


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