feelings ✌

The first post of mine starts on 1st January  2017! A good start because writing is something that makes me go crazy and feel so good .Probably better than those medicine on the shop . let’s me share you a secret even at the moment I am having comman cold which doesnot seemed to be that common 😑 running nose;low fever ;winter rain; cold winds and the cold hands and legs and some headache still its writing on the blog is making me feel as good as  the hugs of your most favourite  person 😍 😍

Too much emotions are filled seems like I don’t need food tonight! No ,I was joking! I am foodie I will eat too much much more than the stomach can resist .Maybe that’s the reason my stomach is furious with me and it has come out and none of my clothes fit in to me ! Yes ,quite frustrating and sad but every size is beautiful in itself like now I have gain not little but too much of weight still people admire saying cute ! its not the thing that people’s saying influence me regardless the fact that everyone loves to be admired ! I don’t know about  boys but yes many of the girls do ! ✌ 

Lastly I want to say this is my first post here ! this is my new begining if you find me stay connected…….

many post on the way 

regards to all the readers 



Author: highnesspooja


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